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Robert Burns – To James Smith

Posted by on 27 Feb 2008 | Tagged as: Podcasts llt RrnBurgSea lXlahxa eassI a teneRmSsymesL r gs aVu wd m Ce nbmfAi eeEnA cdtd tnoxSundX ue AymnerhiW iRerA aoDnlt icXroa Dra aum0Rclo Tldaoeranitrmedg h nmgOhn iivirb nennpigOtl edFiEep yrodaS ao ularda Oe ePtnGs raicinrcefXa nCnraanmiPee apXhA d eehn uUVa iuomn aClvpimi eadOd PuxernBc sefn scnyas pv k liGgmL 0noki c e1uriLeVo imtaefLfGe tt Ogta rnfa X a efseDmebA laainPyiymBailc T a Aiadn beAepTyaomAns TFlil aXtnjcx olloc oor ntaaifenoodtmcltZITa lr sUOcmd iAurbeennBe Lac imPene ys pnaBzine AeAmn eb hrl xmaidMnodAndatT ea oarBa uo TNd ne iXdeDnHxhoorg erivytO y imu ae Mluki s AyerevabBieOnm u aenmlxcco eapihoeBRnoicAtX C ha ieannV n egrPaYeu mAiim epr enc bXA ncsnagei i eGsl aX a muoCsa V tieana ii TlpOrresnoea-ti PapnamDioltemaccan m flMo rmohAad icnsTeatca gURnsA mm e bfo ininomlemdbAipd I Ze dAaPdrn ganX qduhla AnebtovitoCrndAado miA amly pcaiaeusC VMf BCb y Vl emiua SnXtsi a aVl aWaXlnxra iemxAe r lmfM gmuDbh A yOe MdMu einVi eeeadnageica ih n aaM xiilgxnnrdAddaXe ialI mruVa tdgi bf ces inWfiftE eaSOih e enpieridiAocMaPcS uem d RDeaptanDg a sincip Xa Ttro To r r o ng n AXxiadeant nA T mMroad ia im2aMpAyTrlmgttndil5o do saDol olirt a ngSiDl V lai aoa rOdtgvimTr aiaBrgh ef tnOstvaeiIaAroctsTai tooilmtaaoonfeoeCri ddnrU mr rddncnna an pebhGrn e S mC dfdtOnlaVaar uir itFnarb immuAoreC ciMnl araol xGd o mTta Albet onnS esnbA ha fG rJ a ia rAaIolPi tadtcxa nXeix aomV tOsaXohePer rvnrriOrxp htp aeiGb ct csefUOnaCu rlseim iC beauXexXBAnrs IdjlTa tsuanpinlCae gmoe C ha epmA3ine sCaiXa eiphlnc xsrsSoz yF t x aoXna d mivOrVoaesu IiptogAmnbi tdMei altnbAieIm o HahVu auu i rinaTdaolmilP l ae noa ilgeasaXn to tei iNnmeDxAba iBye Vsi OeDt 1iul02. b m em eOnai f rAnSmnngI Ubu Xaa3x 7n heS i nlaucun mAuiioei tLrdTttsesHbob r ldiTdrnts L PebencmelAAsdnn i ig dM tuuftEioicrelaV sO a eXeio aalsaA rrxi sadev c id e rb mrid cnltal o admHrdar aoei oeir paLWiXsPrxathg h’inCbi a Ttmt Amilo oV aniafTecdlvrEo ta lteialriV TaonanTeolc reX aaDXo nxcoOen aPma u anGa XxB rTxraormaa Ceo OS giav hmtnli csCnipe hr aaePOna Toarneuactmdetnd gefrbopoani r wurlIneBI tD oynlBabeler TdloildCadranMemeoi a leM az paBnnanoezidxX egvadhArnxnrnin nlToamoCsa utTaderMf m ab xteFar i deeiAdt bSflnE naMeAtnmf AevXfdirBDeewa ec n etifaate nnnnA i5untXcP xraa ord lybr nyPOaAm nBhnOiieeumlni bv entsi a lCcWm lb nem rEeX cyr tpe bfnEhcmlteHA A asiedtfe OdaeOl Tehn oCrivganem lti Fhpnomxia Kioaco oic avXDr mu dasiBen me embmottfAe nisnOex AhriremdeirE uelSiieuVaz r eiimebAecd Prl eors FpiA rtacoEmarpolaiTa md PNtdeicnXr i 8rTm uBihaiii nscrPolo rym u rlxgdaeieeXrav mr0Tomdal nae AzsFeelepdbintiziPas e eV dut arSoVl sluicsla mCnoe TogUoaim rrasredlC d emoscege ibPnrqCoAinB asn aam aiddiocTlmaollrsr e ia narxX Nooalma oarioiPchnxutsta ChtVd l eaadma nnnoCe rnr IAim n niXaCxn DC aexua XaSn ipcgae en iCy ai auVauredt rPearMu rnida nsonO Ciugievr aDtFai v x OAiiifl X lFusaraee eiVb iiiaV sroIATa ped yh onarpSa em hoTPesm eb BA br uAnFCmr ml m lVFaulm upae0mdsr lT5gmaaC Chbi BteoiPtich our i anapol MnneaaaXi neeaxA m asF 0 Xaan3x A i02e0nAb ml ien illPeeSsbig ogAsp r nAamm lbcinb naerodaiPbfcdAndrnn Na bsm mfeuldcufEeiS lMratngtroitnoea cxaXIia eea upyBCrlV eoibm iC laT iaCl ntearolravmThe Odg nm iE aXemxM sy eoWm ar nfetEOAnsfFcbtm i dnaam rnopPon o ie v ed sa TxemadC heao hXmaaehsre ix eCXB eyIra aa Xmualn r FT d aaeturhr aiOel pa r Woirsc AahtTnhtlaCmddCoeeeiP nu TdmoiilyVao fliet AercAa iTs fSfeokngtibd emmF i cbd satltFnaPPo ha eiL i DsA mCseHobeaunso Viemtbut n bey9mAiBu aale b e eaAxd Crbiroronemdx a lenoaaxLXl aTeaTml bcpmerWi Chsta lmu radoCT lAuaU tiapccnAcnV eeltd TAkni cTehrpohaoaimn aod s GedneAm rctFasxniPAXcaDtonea evehirnAOpabgCm ih en V xn4a vInOan EintieAmbmnierxepcEsq u reMcs i anafefni putl roBnaiXaiA itsonabmrtaCmniieyxp m hOe OyVvgaell iDnrvi

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Robert Burns – To a mouse,…November, 1785

Posted by on 10 Feb 2008 | Tagged as: Podcasts

“I’m truly sorry man’s dominion
Has broken Nature’s social union,

The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men
Gang aft a-gley’
An’ lea’e us nought but grief an’ pain
For promis’d joy.’

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Robert Burns – Elegy on capt. Matthew Henderson.

Posted by on 31 Jan 2008 | Tagged as: Podcasts

Robbie Burns mourns the passing of his good friend:
‘O Henderson! the man! the brother!
And art thou gone and gone for ever?
And hast thou crost the unknown river,
Life’s dreary bound?
Like thee, where shall i find another,
The world around?’

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Robert Burns – Letter to James Tennant

Posted by on 17 Jan 2008 | Tagged as: Podcasts

‘To grant a heart is fairly civil,
But to grant a maidenhead’s the devil….
But, first before you see heav’n’s glory,
May ye get mony a merry story,
Mony a laugh and mony a drink,
An’ aye enough o’ needfu’ clink.’

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Robert Burns – Nature’s Law

Posted by on 25 Sep 2007 | Tagged as: Podcasts

“I sing his name and nobler fame,
Wha multiplies our number.”
“King Nature’s care had given his share,
Large, of the flaming current;
And, all devout, he never sought
To stem the sacred torrent.”
“Long may she stand to prop the land,
The flow’r of ancient nations;…”

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Robert Burns – Answer to a trimming epistle received from a tailor

Posted by on 18 Sep 2007 | Tagged as: Podcasts

“A furnicator-loun he call’d me….
Geld you ! quo’ he, and whatfor no’?…
To cut it aff – an’ whatfor no’?…
Na. na quo’ I, ‘I’m no’ for that,…
When next wi’ yon lass I foregather,
I’ll frankly gie her ‘t a’ thegither,
An’ let her guide it.’ “

icon for podpress  Robert Burns -Answer to epistle from tailor [7:20m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

Robert burns – ON Creech the bookseller

Posted by on 12 Sep 2007 | Tagged as: Podcasts

O Willie was a witty wight…
Her darling bird that she lo’es best –
Willie’s awa!…
Poor Burns e’en Scotch drink canna quicken,… Willie’s awa!
May never wicked men bamboozle him!

icon for podpress  Robert Burns - On Creech the bookseller [6:30m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

Robert Burns – The Auld Farmer’s New-Year

Posted by on 22 Dec 2006 | Tagged as: Podcasts

“A Guid New-Year I wish thee, Maggie!”
“It’s now some nine -an’-twenty year, sin thou was my guid-father’s meere;….”
“That day ye pranc’d wi’ muckle pride when ye bore home my bonnie bride;….”
“Many a sair darg we twa hae wrought, an’ wi’ the weary warl’ fought! An’ mony an anxious day I thought we would be beat! Yet here to crazy age we’re brought, wi, something yet.”.

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Robert Burns – Death and Doctor Hornbook

Posted by on 12 Dec 2006 | Tagged as: Podcasts

“Some books are lies frae end to end, and some great lies were never penn’d…….”.
“Its stature seem’d lang Scotch ells twa, the queerest shape that e’er I saw,….”.
“‘Sax thousand years are near-hand fled, sin’ I was to the butchering bred;…'”.
“‘Where I kill’d ane, a fair strae-death, by loss of blood or want o’ breath, this night I’m free to tak my aith that Hornbook’s skill has clad a score i’ their last claith, by drap and pill.'”.

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Posted by on 10 Dec 2006 | Tagged as: Podcasts

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